Monday, September 13, 2010

Lets go!

The house is coming along. Slowly but surely. The taper was suppose to start today, although i don't know if he did. I'm hoping/praying that he finishes this week because I am organizing things to paint all next week. Trying to get sitters lined up for every day. Yikes. I was hoping that my kids would just be able to go to my in laws for the week, but that doesn't seem to be working out. It'll work for Caden to be there for a day or 2, but not Avery. That girl is trouble. Not to mention that I don't exactly want her crawling around the house. It is filthy.

I'm gonna try to get them into day care for 1 day. Fingers crossed that everything works out so that we can get the house painted as quickly as possible.

After that, we do flooring and then trim. Then the fun begins. I can't even put into words how excited I am to arrange rooms. To bring all the things up from downstairs and put them in their room. To decorate. To put all these ideas I have in my head, into reality. I can hardly wait.

I don't even know if i'll remember how to have my own house anymore. We've been living at my parents house now for almost 4 months. Yikes. It'll be like we just got married, only we have 2 kids along for the ride.

Caden is so excited to move home. Every time I take him with me to the house, I don't see him the whole time. He's inside, he's outside, he plays. With all the toys he hasn't had for so long. And he's soooo good when we're home. I think it'll be a pretty easy few weeks when we move home because he'll be so good. I hope anyway.

I'm also looking forward to Grandma's house being Grandma's house again, and not his house. I know my mom is too. Normally, Caden wants to do everything with my mom. If she's going to town for something, he wants to go with. However, in the last couple of weeks he doesn't go with anymore. He wants to stay home with me. It'll be nice.

I'm gonna leave you with a picture of the cabinets we are trying to sell. My entire kitchen/dining room was cabinets. There was no room for a table so we took all of them out of the dining room.


Colleen said...

Must feel good to see some of the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure you'll love having your own space again, I know I would! :) Happy painting!!

Kalle said...

So exciting to see your house come together. I love the kitchen sneak peak. Good luck organizing day care for the kiddos