Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was doing so good with blogging, and then nothing for so long. I'm sorry.

But I've been busy. With what you ask? PAINTING MY HOUSE!!!

It's done. Took my mom and I 6 days for a total of 24 hours each. I also had a good friend help prime the house, and my MIL came for 1 day.

I Love It!! Betcha can't wait to see it. Soon you will, I promise.

The flooring guy finished today. I can't comment on how it looks cause I haven't gone to see it. I was gonna go. But then stuff happened and it got too close to the kids' bed time and I couldn't. Its killing me. I can't wait for tomorrow to come.

Whats left? All the trim. Which will (start) happening this saturday. Which means I will go to my house and as they finish a room, I will move stuff into it and make it a room. I can hardly wait. I will finally be able to put these together.

I've already told Rob that the dining room is the first order of business so I can get these babies up. I didn't want to put them together until they could go into the dining room. They take up more room put together. Now I can remove them from there box in all their beauty.

The bathroom also needs to be put together. Let me just say that I love, love, love my bathroom color. It looks fantastic. Its called Aqua bay and it is gorgeous. Might be my favorite in the whole house. Now that the flooring is done, the toilet needs to go on and the vanity needs to be put in. Also, the tub surround needs to be glued in.

The light fixture in the dining room and above the island needs to be put up. The entrance one is in and its beautiful. On that note, the island also needs to be put in.

We also need to finish the dry wall in the basement. At least I think so. I'm waiting to hear back from MSTW on that one. However, we were waiting for the upstairs to be done so we can move oh so much stuff from the basement, upstairs. That way the drywalling will go quicker.

I sold these yesterday.

They are coming this weekend to pick them up. That'll make an entire corner of my basement empty. Awesome. Plus the money doesn't hurt. At all. Its amazing how quickly you can use up ALL the money you got for renovations. One thing after another.

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