Tuesday, August 24, 2010

At the cabin-in pictures

On Thursday my mom and I, along with both kids, left for the lake. We got there at about 11:30pm. Caden was awake the entire 4 hour trip. Friday Rob and my Dad came up, as well as my brother and sil. We had a fantastic weekend, just lazing around. The guys fished. Caden spent several hours on the boat, and we hung out in the cabin. We played games in the evening, ate awesome food, and got up super early thanks to my dear Avery who thought morning was 6:30. I'll let the pictures show the rest of the weekend.
Fuzz head just chillaxin
Caden loved the lake. He would live there.
Hanging out on the deck

The boys
Chillin with the boys. This girl loves her Daddy and Papa
Going for a boat ride
Can you see Rob on the deck of the middle cabin?
Miss A, waking up from her nap
I love to read. But I don't do it often cause I neglect my responsibilities. Like my kids and stuff. But I got the chance to read an entire book at the lake. So good.
Couldn't keep this kid off the stairs.

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Kalle said...

looks like an awesome weekend getaway. I just love Avery's fuzzy hair. Ah, to read a book again that wasn't for work....nice dreams. :)