Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time for a new do

I have needed a hair cut for a long time. I haven't had one in...well I can't even remember. Its probably been over a year.
Now I need one. After both of my babies, I lose tonnnnnnnsssss of hair when they are around 3 months. Then at around 6 months, I start to grow it back which results in what I call 'Baby Bangs'.
I hate them, they look stupid. Not to mention the crazy hair growing above my ears. Sure, I can tuck it behind my ears, but when it gets humid (uh, hello last 2 weeks), they have a mind of their own.

My hair is long. Down to just past my bra strap. I like it long. Its handy that I can tie it in a knot if i don't have a pony tail handy. But its dry, damaged and I have tons of split ends.

So I've been watching and paying attention to anyones hair that I see. I still have requirments.
It absolutely must fit in a pony tail. Thats the kinda girl I am. In summer, when its hot, my hair is in a pony tail. Not that I like it, I feel like its lazy and boring, but its what I do. I have extremely thick hair, so if its on my neck, I sweat.
I don't wash my hair every day. Only every other, so on day 2, thats the easiest thing. Except that now, because of those stupid baby bangs, I also wear a headband to keep them hidden.
I will not do the shorter in the back, longer in the front look. I have never liked it and therefore it will never happen to my hair.
Other than that, this is sort of the idea I have.

Longish, layered, bangs.

Only trouble, is that I am a tucker. My hair has to be behind my ears. The hair dresser can make look all pretty, and I'll try to make a conscious effort to keep it untucked, but no matter what, somehow by the time I get into my vehicle and take a look in my mirror (come on, you all do it) my hair is tucked. I never remember doing it. It just happens. I do not like hair in my face. Could be why I hate bangs.
I also have funny kinks in my hair which makes the bangs have a mind of their own. So anyway, thats the plan for 7:00 tonight. I'll post a picture tomorrow of the 'after' and we'll see what ya think.


Kristin said...

I lose tonnes of hair too! Still do. And I can totally relate to the short baby hair. I love my ponytail days too, but have decided that they are once again coming to an end. Probably for good. Sept 1 is my day for a haircut. It's all going. And like you, I will not be getting the shorter in back, longer on the sides cut. Way too many people have it, and I don't want to look like everyone else. Can't wait to see your new do!

Joanne said...

I lost a tonne of hair after both my babies too. Would wake up with hair in my mouth because so much would come off on the pillow! Yuck! I LOVE the cut in the picture. I need a new style too. That pic might just become my inspiration too.