Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick Mama

I sure struggled through a bad cold this weekend. I don't know if it was worse because of being pregnant, but it was bad. Saturday was an awful day. Its hard for moms to be sick. Normally I can still funtion somewhat normally, but not this day. I was on the couch for most of the day. Luckily Rob was home for the afternoon so he took care of Caden. I definitely miss the days of being sick when my Mom would make soup, and I'd lie on the couch all day watching t.v. Not the case with t 2 year old running around. He was very good though. He musta known cause he wasn't demanding of my attention at all.
I did manage to get 6 loads of laundry done. And we mowed half of the lawn in the morning. It was something I could do while sitting, and Caden could still be outside. We have a new lawnmower so it goes super quick. I was in bed at 9:15 Saturday night and didn't get out of bed until 8:45 Sunday morning. Thanks Rob.
Anyway, I feel much better now. My voice is still a little funky, and my cough hurts a bit, but its nothing compared. And I should be thankful I got it now, instead of 7 weeks from now.

We also finally have satellite again. Just in time to watch all the premiers. We didn't have it all summer, which was great because it forced us to be outside and to do other things. But its nice to sit, relax and watch a show in the evening after Caden goes to bed.

My mom and I canned some delicious salsa last week. Tomorrow we'll do another batch with what I get from my tomato plants. They look really sad this year, although they've still surprisingly given quite a few tomatoes.

I have a doctors appt tomorrow as well so soon I'll post another preggo pic with the usual write up. Only 7 weeks to go now. I want this baby already. It moves, so incredibly much. Literally rolls around in there. I'm not sure if this means I'll have a smaller baby this time, cause it has room to move around so much, or if it means nothing...lol. Caden was 9lbs 10oz so thats what I'm preparing for. I would actually pick that over a little 7 pounder cause those little babies just feel so fragile and tiny. I liked the bigger baby.

And I need advice again. Caden found a bottle of red nailpolish at my moms house. How do I get nail polish out of clothing? I tried nail polish remover almost immediately but that didn't work. Anything??


DavenHeather said...

a norwex cloth will do the trick for the nail polish.

Kristin said...

All I can say is good luck! If it's anything like getting it on rug, you're probably not going to get it out. If you do, please post how you did it!

Kalle said...

Hope you're feeling better. As for the nailpolish - I use something called the Pink Solution and it works on absolutely everything.

Crystal said...

Wow, my daughter was exactly the same weight as your son. This baby has been moving different for me-more the rolling too-so I'm wondering how big this one's gonna be. Pretty anxious already!