Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bob the Builder

Just wondering if any of my local readers have any bob the builder movies they'd be willing to borrow out.
As I've said before, Caden doesn't watch any t.v. But with this baby coming, and the fact that he was getting up at 6:30 am regularly, I'm trying to get him interested. Its not working. He asks to watch a movie, but once I put it in, it holds his attention for about 2 minutes before he starts asking if he can play with toys. He does, however, like Bob the Builder. He only knows of him because of a pair of pjs he has, as well as a toy bob and scoop. I think the movies might interest him, but I don't wanna buy or rent them, only to have them sit there and hold no interest.
So, if you have any, or just one that you'd borrow out, please let me know.
Thanks alot.


Melanie said...

I've got one video. I don't think my kids will miss it.

Colleen said...

We have a at least 5 and we also have about 5 Tractor Tom DVDs. If you want to try some out let me know.

~~Mel~~ said...

Riley loved Bob the Builder at that age! Have you tried thrift stores or garage sales..that's where we get alot of our movies.