Tuesday, September 1, 2009

one more makes 4

4 babies that is. Sunday morning I get a phone call from Pam. They are expecting baby #2 on March 7. So excited for you guys. This is the third set of doubles in our group. Erin and Shar had babies 1 1/2 weeks apart. Jodi and I are due 1 1/2 weeks apart, and Joder and Pam are due 2 days apart. Go babies.
Now if only Tiff and Candace would get on this baby band wagon...wink wink.


Shawna said...

When you wrote the last blurb about nate & Jody expecting I wanted to comment wait! This isn't even true anymore only 3 girls! It's 4 now! But I didn't want to ruin it just in case someone read it and didn't know yet! Lots of babies coming up again next year! Hopefully your still feeling good!

john said...

Well how much fun is that? Almost have to wonder if this was planned? Crazy how close they all are from one another. :)