Thursday, July 2, 2009

Night away

This last saturday our little family of 3 finally made it to the city for a night. We've been talking about it for a long time, but it just never seemed to happen. Well, the rain made the decision for us. What else is there to do.
We got to the city at 2:00. Stopped at best buy and future shop to look at laptops and then headed over to the Viscount Gort hotel. I was extremely impressed with this hotel. They are still undergoing renovations, but it didn't affect us at all. The rooms were very clean. There was a mini fridge, and a little counter. Bonus.
The pool was awesome. The water was a perfect temperature. They had a waterslide, kiddy pool and hot tub.
We discovered what a fish our little man is. Unbelievable. His first time down the water slide was with Rob. Everytime after that, one of us took him up, while the other waited at the bottom to catch him. I'm sure he went down the slide 60 times during our 3 visits to the pool. He also loved jumping into the pool, as you see in the picture. He definitely went under too. He must hold his breath cause he sure didn't choke on water. He had a great time in the kiddie pool as well.
We had supper at Mongo's on Saturday. Such a treat. That has got to be one of my favorite restaurants. Sunday we had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel restaurant, then went swimming one last time and packed up. Stopped at the Olive Garden for a delicious lunch of salad and soup and then headed to the mall. By the time we got there Caden had fallen asleep. See he only went to bed at 10:30 the night before and was still awake at 6:45. I thought with all the swimming he'd done, he'd sleep longer. But no. Oh well. So anyway, we decided to skip the mall and head for home.
What a great time we had. Normally things like this are saved for Winter, but I sure am glad we went. Its nice to have some uninterupted family time sometimes.

Here he is, coming down the water slide. Such a big boy


Andrea said...

How fun!! Tate (who's almost 3) would never go down the slide by himself...but I bet my 1 year old daughter would! haha! She's such a brave little thing when it comes to water and slides! I'm glad you had a good time're right, sometimes it is just really nice to get away and enjoy your family without any interruptions!!

Jen said...

Ha Ha ha ha ha ha
our husbands have the same tan!

~~Mel~~ said...

You were right up the street from me! lol.

Glad you had some great family time!