Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Many thanks/Camping trip

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the advice on my post about Cadens eczema. Right now I’m trying the coconut oil, so we’ll see how that works. But I really appreciate all the help. Having a blog really is useful.

This past week was our annual ‘family camping’. I say ‘family camping’ because for the majority of the week, it’s mostly women. My mom and I, along with 1 aunt and uncle and 2 of my cousins left Monday with all 8 kids. Wednesday my brother and sil came out. Then Friday is when all the other husbands come out. We’ve done it now for 20 years. We left on Monday, and came home on Sunday. We had the worst weather we’ve ever had. From Tuesday until Saturday afternoon we did not see the sun. It was horrible. Granted it didn’t rain the whole time, so that was a blessing, but it was a long few days. Thank goodness we had a camper to retreat too when we just got too tired of the weather. Of course, cooping a 2 year old up in a camper doesn’t last for very long either. Surprisingly though, Caden did so good. I couldn’t have asked for better.

What did we do with all our time that was NOT spent at the beach? Sat around a fire all day, took trips to the grocery store, and ate. Boy did we eat. Definitely gained a few pounds over the week. We were able to let the kids play at the beach a few times during the week. Wearing pants and sweaters.

Caden had a great time with a bunch of my little cousins. He became quite attached to Nick and Jack. It was so cute. They were great little baby sitters too.

My cousins who moved to Seattle 2 years ago were out as well. These are kids who I babysat full time from the time Jasmin was 2, till she was 8. I miss them like crazy, as I’ve only seen them once since they left. It was so good to have them out for this week. Gage has grown into quite the young man. So much changes in a 14 year old when you don’t see him for a year. He’s always been such a sweetheart, and that hasn’t changed. Savannah is now almost 8, and although she doesn’t really remember me all that much, she didn’t take long to get comfortable again. She’s a very outgoing little girl.

Because the weather was so awful, we’ve discussed going camping for another week. Hopefully next week. We’ll go somewhere closer than Falcon Lake. Maybe St. Malo, although I’ve heard the mosquitoes are horrendous there. Possible Stephenfield. We’ll see. I’ll only be going from Wednesday night till Friday because I do have to work 2 days. But we all feel like we got gypped because of the weather and letting the kids spend time at the beach. I’m looking forward to it. I know Caden will love to spend some more time camping. All day Monday we was telling me that he wanted to go camping (or tamping as he calls it) He loves it.

I’ll have some pics to share hopefully on Thursday.


Joni said...

I just came home from St Malo today. The mosquitos were very reasonable. We had mosquito coils around our site, and it was fine. i did use spray too, but not too bad. I've never camped at st malo before, and I would absolutely go there again. we were in bay 4 site 10. it was huge, fully private, and right next to the washrooms and showers, and not too far from the beach.

~~Mel~~ said...

Glad you had a decent time despite the weather...it really has been the pits this year!