Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not so impressed

So, yesterday I was suppose to have my monthly doctors appt, as well as Cadens 2 year check up. I left work and had a message to call the office. My doctor was sick, so she asked if I'd be okay to see the gynecologist. I said sure. Won't do that again.
He's creepy. He came in and sat down on the bench. He asked me how I was feeling. I told him everything was good, I'm feeling great. He said, 'you're not tired, you have energy?' I said yup, for the most part. He asked if I could feel the baby move. I said yes. He asked if I worked, and what I did. He stressed several times that I shouldn't be doing any hard work. I said ok, every time. Come on man, I've done this before. Then, he said we'd try to hear the babies heart beat, but he thought we may not be able to because i'm not that far along. I told him that we had heard it at my last appointment. He sounded surprised. Come on man, I'm fricken 20 weeks preggo. Pretty sure I'd be concerned if I didn't hear the heartbeat. Sure enough, loud and clear. He thought it was a really strong heart beat for how far along I am. Ha. But he didn't mark down the heartbeat. I like to know what it is. He didn't measure my uterus, which my doctor always does. Then, before he left, he said again, 'make sure you don't do any hard work'. Grrrr. So thankful I have such a good doctor. Now I have to wait until Aug 6th to see her again cause she's on holidays at the end of July. Oh well.
Anyway, if you can avoid seeing the gynecologist at the clinic, do. He's wierd.

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