Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy week!

I know, its been a week again. But it was a busy one.

Tuesday-girls night girls supper for Shar’s birthday. Her birthday was in April, but the person planning it didn’t plan it until now. The way we work birthday among the 10 of us is whoever’s birthday was last is in charge of planning the birthday lunch/supper for the next birthday. We started doing this in January of last year. It’s just a good way to make sure we go out and celebrate everyones birthday. Plus it’s an excuse to get together again.

Wednesday-re-discovered my hatred for painting. I took on the task of painting my bathroom. What a stupid idea. I began at 8:45am with sanding. My bathroom had purple stripes on it so those had to be sanded down before I could repaint. Then I washed the walls. This all took maybe 45 minutes.
Painting a bathroom is not fun. So very much edging to do. Plus, I have a very large bathroom, because it’s also our laundry room. I did forget to take a before picture, but I’ll look through some old pics to find one to show you, along with the after. I don’t love it, but its definitely better than the purple. I bought a new shower curtain, because the one I had is 7 years old. Yup, I bought it when I lived in my apartment. Anyway, at 4:30, I had hung the shower curtain and walked out of the bathroom. Its done.

Thursday-cleaned my house like a mad woman, tilled the garden and made 40 hamburgers…why??? Because we were hosting our care group bbq at our house. We don’t ever have care group at our house because our house is just too small. But our yard is huge and we have a lot of stuff for kids to do.
Thanks to my mom helping, it all got done with time to spare. We had a great evening, even though we were in the rain for part of it.

Ahhh, the weekend-Spent time outside on Friday, in between the rain. I was hoping to go see a movie in the theatres, but nothing good was playing. I’m waiting for ‘The proposal’ to come out.
Saturday, I had plans to paint my shed. Went to town to go grocery shopping. Of course Caden wanted Grandma to come with so we stopped in there. She decides she wants to go to wpg, so off we go. Caden, me, my mom and sil Amy. I was along for the ride, yet I managed to spend the most money. Found 2 pairs of maternity capris which I paid $100 for. That hurts a bit since I’m used to paying maybe $30-$40 for pants. But I justify it because I have been buying normal shirts and not the expensive maternity shirts. I found 3 tank tops and 2 dresses as well
I also found 3 bras. I was so excited. Normally I pay up to $50 for my bras. I found these for $10. And they are wonderful. I bought black, blue and pink.
We were back home by 6:30, making wings and wedges for supper. So delicious. I ended up staying at my parents house till almost 12:00.
Sunday off to church in the morning, then enjoying an unbelievable day outside. I lay on the trampoline and napped while Caden was inside with Rob napping. Painted a little bit of my shed, went for a 4 wheeler ride with Caden and Rob and made steak for supper. My brother Randy and his g/f Michelle came over for the evening. It was a relaxing end to a great weekend.
This week is going to be busy. Working today, doing paperwork for Rob tomorrow, getting ready for our girls night mother/daughter bbq at my moms house on Wednesday, working Thursday, and then off to Cavalier for church camping on the weekend. Not sure how I’ll get everything done, but it’ll happen.Enough of my rambling. I’ll try and post some pics soon. Have a great week!

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