Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catch up.

I am a bad blogger and I appologize. Lets play catch up.

First of all, after Cadens specialist appointment in the city, we found out that he will not have to get tubes in his ears. I am so thankful. She figured it will clear up on its own, and I think it is. His hearing has definitely improved.

We bought a house. Yet we are not moving... What's gonna happen, is our existing house will be burnt down...yes, I said burnt down. Its 125 years old so not worth moving or selling. We are gonna take everything out of any value and use tho. Then, once that is complete, we will have a basement built and move the new house onto the new basement on our old yard. I am so excited. We will be doing some renovations to the house and of course painting the whole thing. I will post some pics eventually, when I take some. In the mean time, I've been so busy with getting pricing on stuff, and organizing everything from a plumber, to permits, to the basement guy. Its crazy. Hopefully soon. My goal is July 1 in the new house. I hope I'm being realistic. As I mentioned, we are renovating the new house, so if anyone has use for a lovely purple toilet and bathtub, let me know. We will be replacing them with new ones.

Shopping in Grand Forks yesterday was productive. After trying on nearly 25 dresses, I ended up buying one that I love. It was marked down from $125 down to $35. Good enough for me. But, when I ended up at the till, it was only $22.00. So pumped. I woulda paid $100 for a dress because I needed something for my brothers wedding which is in just 3 1/2 short weeks. I also bought jeans for myself as well as 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 shirt and 2 dresses for Avery. Total money spent...$165.00. Total duty paid...$0. Thank you Mr. crossing guard.

I also found these couches. I will be buying new furniture for our new house and these were on sale for $469. Love them. Microfibre that you just wanna wrap yourself up in. They are extra long and nice and wide. Perfect for watching a movie. Just have to convince Rob that we won't find a better price anywhere around here.

So, I suppose thats all for now. I'll leave you with 2 recent pics of my kids.


Gina said...

Very exciting about the house! Is the house from around here? Good job in GF too. :)

Amanda said...

I'm taking my daughter in to a specialist for her ears too. Who did you see?

Colleen said...

So exciting to get a new house!! Hope all goes well with your plans.

Jamy said...

Hey Amanda.
Caden saw Dr. Levin at the manitoba clinic in wpg. Its attached to HSC.