Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, I haven’t updated you on Caden for awhile, so I figured I’d dedicate this post to that.
He is now 21 months old, which is already getting me thinking about birthday party plans. He is getting to be quite the smart little guy. He repeats pretty much any word, although it’s not always understandable. He doesn’t talk too well yet, but says many, many words.
We’ve been working on learning how to count to 10, as well as the A B C’s. He’s doing really well with both. Even though he is no where near knowing either completely on his own, he’ll say the next one to me as we are going through them.
I’m also working on teaching him the ‘Come Lord Jesus’ prayer. Again, he usually just repeats each word after me, but he’s will say some of the words before I get to them. It makes me so proud.
We’ve been working on our animal sounds as well. He can do a lion, kitty, dog, monkey, sheep and a chicken. Next up is a cow and pig.
Learning to clean up was a big thing for Caden. I think he just figures it takes too much time. But lately, he’s doing such a great job. He’ll clean up one thing before he dumps another. It’s so cool to see him using the things that we teach him.
I am hoping to potty train in the next little while. He has gone on the potty a few times. Both pee and a BM. I need to devote a few days to staying at home with him to get it done. He likes to wear gitch already, and boy do I love to see his little bum in a pair of gitch. Makes me wanna pinch it even more.
Anyway, I suppose that’s all the update for now.


~~Mel~~ said...

Aw what a great Caden update! Sounds like he's learning and doing lots of great things.

Amy said...

Ahh..I almost cried today at lunch it was so dang cute listening to him pray; it's so awesome