Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy weekend

My mom and I catered for the annual firemen's convention this weekend which consisted of a coffee break Friday night, as well as lunch on Saturday and 2 more coffee breaks. It sure felt like alot of work, especially with all the stairs we had to climb. Boy am I out of shape. Its pretty ridiculous :-)
Saturday night we went to Conrad and Diane Toew's for supper. Our church does this every year. You sign up to either host, or attend. You then get a paper in your mail box telling you where to go, and what to bring. You don't get to know anyone else who's going. The host doesn't know anyone who's coming. I had to bring a main dish. We had a delicious supper and great fellowship. Its great to get to know other people in the church a little better. I love being part of a church that plans these kinds of events.
Sunday I was at my parents for the day while Rob went 4 wheeling with some buddies. We ended up going to the curling rink in the afternoon to play a game. I've gotten a little better since 2 weeks ago at our church funspiel. I could really get into this game. Maybe next year. After my Dad took us all out for icecream. Something we haven't done in a really long time. Cherry sundae from DQ...mmm mmm good.
I love fun weekends, although it does seem to make them go by alot faster.

Wondering if anyone has ever had any trouble with their kids being slightly pigeon toed. Caden is in his left foot. We are going to see a specialist. I've asked my doctor about this at everyone of his appointments. We even had xrays done at 1 point. She kept saying it would correct itself. But he's almost 2 and still no change. So I made another appointment last week and she agreed to make a call to a specialist. We'll see how that goes. But, do you have any insight as to what worked for your kids, or did it eventually just go away?


~~Mel~~ said...

I'm glad you pushed the doctor and are seeing a specialist. The doctors brushed off Riley's crossed eyes for 18 months..told me that they'd correct themselves. In the end he had to have surgery to have them corrected! I hope you get the answers you need.

Gina said...

The ladies league always needs more teams, you should put a team in next year! It's lots of fun, and most of us are there just for that!