Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quit hitting me.

I don’t know what to do anymore. My baby has started to hit. He has quite a temper, which we have been working with. He throws toys when he is mad. Lets just say he’s spent a lot of time in his time out chair. When he is done his time out, I always go into his room and talk to him about what he did and why he shouldn’t have done it. Lately, while I’m talking to him, he’ll hit me in the face. It makes me so mad. I obviously won’t spank him for that, cause it doesn’t really make sense to hit him, for hitting me. He just stays in his time out a little longer. Then when I do go back to get him, I make him say sorry to me, by hugging me. I sure hope this little phase ends soon. What makes a kid think he can hit his mommy. Boy, I gave birth to you.


Bruce and Heather said...

Selah's starting to have temper tantrums too. She will roll around on the floor crying. I usually put her in her bed till she calms down. Thankfully she's not hitting yet.

Amanda said...

It totally depends on the child, but my daughter reacts so wonderfully to this. When she hits me, I put on a big frown and say "Ow! That hurts mommy!" Often right away she'll say sorry and hug me. If it doesn't work, I'll make a sad face and crying noises and that sends her over the edge. She's a very empathetic little girl and this totally works for us.