Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stubborn as a mule

I never knew how stubborn my son really was until the other day. It all started when he decided he wanted to dump his tub of wooden blocks. I told him he could dump them, as long as he knew he would be cleaning them up by himself. He agreed. Well, after playing with them for about 5 minutes, he decided he was done. I asked him to clean them up and he said no. I told him he wasn’t leaving the living room until he did. Well, let me tell you, it was a hard day for him. It was 10:00 when he dumped the blocks. It took him until 7:00 that evening to finally clean them up. Other than his nap and lunch, he stayed in the living room ALL DAY!!! I couldn’t believe it. We fought all day long over those stupid blocks. He’d play nicely for awhile, then decided he wanted to come out of the living room, so we’d go over the whole thing again. I refused to give in. I was gonna win no matter how long it took. After 6 spankings, 4 times slapping his hand (he’d get mad at me and throw the blocks) and 3 times of having soap in his mouth (for screaming or saying NO to me) he finally did it. He was so happy with himself after he had cleaned them up.
The next day, it started off the same. He dumped a different tub of toys and pretty much before they had all hit the floor, he told me he was all done playing with them. I again told him he had to clean them up. This time it only took an hour. Ahhh, success.

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Kristin said...

Way to stand your ground!