Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's a month

Well, we are 1 month old, and sorry, I don't have any pics right now. Avery is doing great. Sleeping mostly good still, although not so much with the sleeping through the night anymore. Which is ok. She is only a month old after all. I usually get a 6-7 hour stretch and then another 3-4 hour stretch so I still can't complain. Caden has also been sleeping in longer as a rule. Till at least 7:30, often closer to 8. Its been wonderful.
I'm needing to get my but in gear and finish my Christmas shopping but with the weather being so cold, I really don't like hauling 2 kids out. It really makes a difference in that way, having 2 kids. Some carts...mainly dollarama, are not made for 2 kids and I sure don't trust Caden to walk by himself. I'd be buying a whole lot more stuff then. But I have been able to leave the kids with my mom, which is awesome. Errands get done so much faster. I even went out for supper and to a movie with my friends and left Avery with my mom. I just pumped and left her a bottle. Love to know that I can have a little bit of freedom if I need/want. With Caden I couldn't just didn't work. This time it works. I did also give her formula yesterday for the first time. She didn't notice a difference. I really don't enjoy nursing. I do it because I know its good for her, and its free. I nursed Caden till he was just over 5 months. My goal is to make it to 3 months with Avery. 1 down, 2 to go... :-)
Well, i hope everyone is keeping well, inspite of the freezing cold temperatures.

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