Friday, October 9, 2009

4 weeks and counting

Only 4 more weeks to go. Which could mean anywhere between 2 and 6, but I'm gonna go with 4. Not that I am done work, and wow is it awesome, I've had time to 'nest' as they call it. I've been getting food into the freezer, I put up the crib and mobile yesterday. Caden and I went through some of his baby things and kept a few blankets and nursing pads out. Wasn't too excited about that part, but its all part of it.
We had to clean the ball pit out of Cadens room to make room for the crib. I thought he would be upset about it but he wasn't at all. He was just too excited for the crib to come. That little boy is so in love already with what he is told is a baby. He kisses and hugs my tummy for sure 10 times a day, and often randomly, like when I'm going to the bathroom. This morning he came into our room and kissed my tummy and said ' Mommy baby coming out soon?' It was so cute. I know that he really has no idea whats in store for us, but for the time being, he's pretty excited.
We are still working on a boys name, but the girls name is solid. And I still love it. We have some time...right??
Anyway, I will try really hard to post a preggo pic soon. We are off to Beausejour on Sunday for Thanksgiving with Robs family.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Crystal said...

I'm glad we're not the only ones who taught our little one that there was a baby in the tummy! All the best with delivery! Can't wait to see what you have!