Monday, May 25, 2009


I've been busy. Overwhelmingly busy. Catered the last 2 weekends. Plus I had to get ready for Cadens birthday party which was yesterday (I'll write about that and post pics on Wednesday), and trying to get yard work done, and clean my house. We've really been enjoying the outdoors. Caden loves loves loves it outside, and is happy to be out there, playing by himself, or with Maddy, for hours. Its great. It allows me to get the laundry hung, or rake leaves, or trim raspberry bushes, etc. I'm glad I have a pretty independent kid.
Pregnancy wise, I'm doing really good. No nausea anymore which I'm so thankful for. Slowly growing. I had my first appointment on Friday. Got to hear the babes heartbeat. Wow, that just makes it feel so real. I love it. My bp was good.
That'll be all for now. Come back Wednesday to read and see all of Cadens 2nd birthday. (Can't believe he's 2)

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Andrea said...

Really? Caden's b-day is on the 24th? Emily's is too! That's so neat that they share a b-day. :)